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Platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt


Az evolúció egységei platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt. A féreg parazita evolúció az élet kialakulása és a kátrány képződése közötti verseny volt Kémiai hálózatok Élet Kátrány A bolygók hanyad részén lenne végül csak kátrány?

A spontán hosszabbodás gátolja a replikációt! This death assemblage of Vendian cnidarians medusoids predate the Cambrian Explosion by tens of millions of years. These jellyfish-like examples of Nemaia simplex are relatively attributable to jellyfish descendants alive today.

The incredible softbodied preservation is believed to be the result of impressions made in a microbial mat contained within the sand, a phenomenon that is exceedingly rare in the fossil record.

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Temporal distribution bars and stratigraphic occurrences black dots of representative Ediacara genera, plotted against timescale of Ediacaran Period and fossil localities or stratigraphic units. The three Ediacara assemblages Box 1 are indicated by different shades of gray.

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The Marinoan and Gaskiers glaciations, as well as the age range of the Doushantuo biota, are also marked. Explanations Environmental Explanations The accumulation of enough oxygen to sustain large animals, large-scale and environmental change that occurred at about the time of the initiation of the radiation.

Explanations II.

platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt

Developmental Explanations 1. A small kit of key developmental genes was used in a new flexible platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt and generated the Cambrian diversity. Dynamical patterning modules units that mobilize physical processes characteristic of chemically and mechanically excitable meso- to macroscopic systems such as cell aggregates: cohesion, viscoelasticity, diffusion, spatiotemporal platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt based on lateral inhibition and multistable and oscillatory dynamics generated all the body plans that emerged in the Cambrian.

Stress due to climatic and chemical changes snow ball earths could have activated stress-managing genes such as platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt gene coding for Hsp90 leading to great increase in variation.

A role for miRNA???

Caenorhabditis elegans (Nematoda)

Peterson A core set of microRNAs is conserved in animal with organs protostomes and platyhelminthes nemathelminthes pptbut is absent in basal groups that lack organs including sponges, cnidarians, and acoel flatworms. In addition, the continuous acquisition and fixation of miRNAs in various animal groups strongly correlates both with the hierarchy of metazoan relationships A and with the non-random origination of metazoan morphological innovations through geologic time.

platyhelminthes nemathelminthes ppt

This suggests that microRNAs could have played a pivotal role in evolution of both animal body plans and morphological complexity Bwith organs being the ultimate manifestation of this innovation. And because microRNAs regulate tens to hundreds of protein-coding genes, they may also constrain the future evolution of animal taxa C bottom. Perseus Books Parker suggests that the Cambrian explosion was caused by the development of the eye, an organ that not only senses light, but can see an image.

He states that the trilobite evolved its eye about million years ago, which would have been in time to help ignite the Cambrian explosion. Once eyes developed, there would have been a revolution in predation. According to Parker, the period before the Cambrian ''was rather an experimental stage for predation, occupied mainly by peace-loving vegetarians that were willing enough to accept any occasional animal matter they stumbled upon.

Since every animal could be seen -- predators included -- the rules of survival changed.

Ecdysozoa Arthropoda Nematoda Onychophora Chaetognatha Kinorhyncha

The neutral stimulus is neutral with respect to this specific response, and precedes the primary stimulus. An animal that exposed to the paired stimuli will first respond to the primary stimulus, but later will respond to the neutral stimulus alone.

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Pavlov presented dogs with food, and measured their salivary response how much they drooled. Then he began ringing a bell just before presenting the food. At first, the dogs did not begin salivating until the food was presented.

Ecdysozoa Arthropoda Nematoda Onychophora Chaetognatha Kinorhyncha - ppt letölteni

After a while, however, the dogs began to salivate when the sound of the bell was presented. They learned to associate the sound of the bell with the presentation of the food.

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Cubozoa Increased size required better motor and sensory coordination and neural integration, and was associated with bigger, metabolically-expensive brains and ganglia. Active life-span was probably extended, so learning the associations among cues became worthwhile.

The initial stages of associative learning evolution may have required only very simple modifications in the threshold concentrations of molecules that strengthened synaptic connections between newly-linked, co-activated neurons. All rights reserved.